This group of local volunteers has been created to support those who need help during self-isolation.


1. Food and supplies

The two shops in the parish are both happy and willing to prepare deliveries if these are phoned though to them. Volunteers will then deliver the provisions.

Cradley Butchery and Stores: 01886 880221

Crumpton Hill Farm Shop: 01886 880802

Please try to order weekly and bear in mind that stocks may be limited. Orders should be paid for over the phone, not via the volunteers.

We are planning for deliveries to be made in the early evening and be announced by a knock on the door. The deliverer will stand well away until you’ve opened the door and received your order, so contact will be minimal.


2. Telephone Social Support

Prolonged self-isolation will be difficult for all of us and anyone feeling in need of a friendly chat and support should phone the number below and a team of volunteers will be delighted make regular telephone contact with you and support you.

Jill Salmons: 01886 880920


3. Prescriptions

Cradley Surgery will be delivering prescriptions as usual. Our volunteers will be available to assist the surgery with deliveries if they get very busy. Please arrange any prescription deliveries required through surgery

Cradley Surgery: 01886 880207


4. Volunteers

We welcome volunteers for any of the three services above. Those over 70 or with other risk factors should only volunteer for giving telephone social support as obviously they will be isolating themselves.

Bruce Herriot: 01886 880146 or 07813663480 for help with deliveries

Jill Salmons: 01886 880920 for help with telephone Social Support


Please tell any of your friends or neighbours, who you think would benefit from these services, about us.

Please follow all the government advice about self-isolation. However, “fit and well” you feel, and whatever your views on your own personal risk, government policy is for the protection of the whole community and the NHS as well. Try to protect our three villages and protect the NHS.

We hope we can help you with your self-isolation.


Bruce and Sarah Herriot

Robert Ward, Rector

Cradley and Storridge Parish Council

Mathon Parish Council

Cradley Butchery and Stores

Crumpton Hill Farm Shop